Manufacturing Process Energy Efficiency

Plant Management Services for Energy Optimization

Energy optimization and utility usage reductions are key to increasing manufacturing profitability and supporting sustainability initiatives. In virtually every industry, energy utilities account for a high percentage of the monthly operating expense. If your plant is a heavy energy consumer or generates its own steam or electricity, you probably feel enormous pressure to reduce costs by making your manufacturing process more energy-efficient. MAVERICK Technologies can help identify areas of suboptimal energy efficiency and outline changes in practices, process or technology that will enable improvement.

The MAVERICK Approach

We provide comprehensive energy optimization consulting — including energy industry management services and energy engineering consulting — as part of our OpCon Advantage service offering. We identify opportunities for energy optimization during the manufacturing process and help you act on them. With years of experience in industrial energy efficiency, we have proven our ability to deliver energy cost reductions for our manufacturing clients.

MAVERICK can help:

Energy Efficiency Consulting Expertise

Think of how much you currently spend on utilities. Then imagine reducing this amount by 5 percent. Or 10 percent. Or even 20 percent. MAVERICK’s energy efficiency consulting services make it possible through a proven methodology. Regardless of which industry you work in, we can help you improve your overall plant energy efficiency, reduce your operating costs and experience a fast payback. Optimizing energy usage is not only a more responsible way to operate your business, but it will improve your profitability and set you apart in the marketplace. Read our case studies below for samples of our work in this area.

Having completed more than 10,000 projects in 45 countries across six continents, we know how to merge industrial security best practices and manufacturing processes. And now we’re offering you the benefit of all that experience. Depend on MAVERICK, the manufacturing technology thought leader, to secure your control systems and ensure your protection against today’s biggest cyber security threats. Read our case studies below to see samples of our recent solutions.