Industrial Cyber Security

Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Audit Services for Manufacturing Plants

Industrial security exploits are on the rise, putting every manufacturer on edge. For manufacturing plants, cyber security risks range from lengthy periods of downtime and negative customer impact to financial loss and theft of proprietary information. At MAVERICK Technologies, we approach your cyber security from a manufacturing operations perspective. When so much is on the line, depend on MAVERICK Technologies to evaluate and ensure the industrial security of all your operations.

Ever since Stuxnet and other worms began appearing, manufacturers have become more aware of industrial security risks and the need to protect against them. The Department of Homeland Security has identified the following most common industrial control system vulnerabilities:

MAVERICK has experience identifying these industrial cyber security vulnerabilities and helping manufacturing clients overcome them.

The MAVERICK Approach

MAVERICK is uniquely positioned to provide industrial security solutions for manufacturing environments. We combine deep technology expertise of control system platforms with industrial security expertise to form a total solution. This allows MAVERICK to provide cyber security for your entire plant floor or mill.

MAVERICK can help:

Industrial Security Expertise

MAVERICK Technologies brings special insight and expertise to all of its strategic manufacturing solutions — particularly industrial security. We understand the range of cyber security vulnerabilities inherent to specific manufacturing control systems, plant networks, and identity and access management systems.

Having completed more than 10,000 projects in 45 countries across six continents, we know how to merge industrial security best practices and manufacturing processes. And now we’re offering you the benefit of all that experience. Depend on MAVERICK, the manufacturing technology thought leader, to secure your control systems and ensure your protection against today’s biggest cyber security threats. Read our case studies below to see samples of our recent solutions.