I&C Field Services

Manufacturing Process Improvement Consulting

Whether you need help with a greenfield or brownfield project, maintenance or outage assistance, on a large or small scale, we’re here to help. We provide continuous improvement consulting across all major industries and platforms, dispatching professional on-site resources that fit right in with your company culture.

Specific field services include:

Technician Services / Calibration

Manufacturers spend a lot of time on instrumentation and calibration issues, but you don’t have to shoulder the burden on your own. MAVERICK Technologies provides a range of technician services — including instrument calibration services and process control equipment calibration consulting — as part of our I&C Field Services offering.

Outage Services and Planning

When your plant undergoes a planned or unplanned outage, scheduled downturn or turnaround, you have to complete a large range of maintenance tasks in a limited time period. Plants across a wide range of industries look to MAVERICK Technologies to provide additional staff support, maintenance expertise and the parts needed for these shutdowns.

Installation Services

When you need equipment installed quickly without production interruptions, depend on MAVERICK Technologies. MAVERICK provides control equipment installation services and automation equipment installation support as part of our I&C Field Services offering. Whether your project entails I&C upgrades / retrofits or new construction, depend on MAVERICK as your process control equipment consultant.

Commissioning / Construction Management

During your next construction project, depend on MAVERICK as your plant commissioning consultant. Whether you need additional resources, a representative to voice your interests or I&E expertise at the construction management level, we deliver. We provide a broad range of factory construction commissioning consulting services as part of our I&C Field Services offering.

Manufacturing Field Services Expertise

Every project benefits from our deep experience providing plant process field consulting for a variety of industries and technologies. Our proven execution methodology guides our process to ensure that we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, meeting or exceeding project goals.