Automation Solutions

Automation Engineering Consultants

At MAVERICK Technologies, we understand that improving efficiency involves more than implementing new technologies. Our automation engineering consultants can help you upgrade or use your existing systems and infrastructure to enhance your plant-centric processes and operations for stronger business performance.

Specific industrial automation service areas include:

Process Automation

Process automation and control is at the core of MAVERICK’s business. MAVERICK has experience working with every major DCS and PLC available in the marketplace today, enabling I/O optimization. We leverage your existing infrastructure to implement process automation solutions designed for your manufacturing and processing needs.

HMI Software Design

When it's time to migrate your HMI system, depend on MAVERICK Technologies to handle the software design. We understand the need to implement newer guidelines for safety and efficiency while maintaining an interface that's comfortable for your team. Our U.S.-based HMI software design teams work with you to meet your goals, and our experience and size allow us to offer competitive pricing.

Industrial Automation Integration

Process control systems integration has generated much discussion over the years. Even though plant managers know that integration improves efficiency over time, they often have difficulty justifying the initial project cost. MAVERICK Technologies can help by developing a logical industrial automation integration solution for your plant that will deliver substantial ROI.

Control System Design

When your existing control system reaches the end of its useful life, look to MAVERICK Technologies for control system design expertise. We provide a range of process control design services as part of our Automation Solutions offering — delivering a sustainable, integrated solution that will meet your operational needs for decades to come.

Control System Migration

Automation control system migrations only happen once in a career, so it’s no surprise if you feel overwhelmed by the need to upgrade. You may feel locked into using your current vendor, and unsure of how to get unbiased advice on other options. Look to MAVERICK Technologies, a platform-independent systems integrator, for help finding the best, low-risk solution for your operations.

Regulatory Systems and Services

Regulatory compliance requirements continue to grow in complexity. Managing regulated operations and data — and avoiding fines for violations — now requires a range of process, audit and security controls. But it can be challenging to implement and maintain these controls, and to be sure they’re keeping your facility compliant.