Arc Flash Prevention

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Electricity is extremely dangerous in manufacturing settings, where personnel work on and around live electrical systems. Arc flash prevention is key. Even when your systems are well maintained, the very nature of power distribution can put your facility at risk of arc flash — a quick burst of energy with potentially fatal and destructive results. Changes to your controls, design, operations, assets or the utility supply increase your risk over time, especially if these adjustments aren’t reflected in a holistic plant electrical distribution model. And the hazard can develop in any facility at any time. Avoid the risk with MAVERICK Technologies as your arc flash consultant.

The MAVERICK Approach

As part of our OpCon service offering, we’ve developed special expertise and capabilities in arc flash prevention through our 10 years of supervising electrical work across industries for global clients. We understand your energy demands and know how to design and maintain systems that support your operations. Not only do we use the industry’s most accurate assessment software to identify arc flash hazards, but we have the capabilities to deliver the improvements that will mitigate your risk.

MAVERICK can perform an extensive arc flash hazard analysis in your facility, which includes:

Arc Flash Consulting Expertise

MAVERICK brings special insight and expertise to all OpCon projects, particularly arc flash prevention. We understand the challenges you’re up against, and we’ve got ample solutions to draw from. And based on our robust process knowledge and experience working in a variety of industries, MAVERICK has developed a proven methodology for implementing arc flash prevention programs that ensure the safety of employees and the bottom line. With MAVERICK at your side, you’ll always operate with confidence. Read our case studies below for samples of our work.