Enterprise Integration

Information Sharing to Enable Business Results

Manufacturing companies have many moving parts. Integrating these so they all work together without operational friction demands effective business, operational and automation system integration. MAVERICK’s Enterprise Integration team can apply a holistic, platform-independent approach to solving the challenges this task presents. Using your existing automation, operational and business systems infrastructure wherever possible, combined with a fit-for-purpose approach for new technology selection where necessary, MAVERICK can provide expertise and solutions in a variety of critical areas including:

Manufacturing Operations Technology Consulting

Get a holistic, platform-independent viewpoint.

Manufacturing / ERP Integration

Bridge gaps and close the loop with business systems.

Smart Manufacturing / IIoT

Leverage the latest in manufacturing strategies and technologies.

Asset Performance

Get more from existing plant and manufacturing assets.

Performance Analytics / Data Infrastructure

Collect, structure, manage and socialize data.

Manufacturing Execution

Take the internal friction out of operations.

Work Process Management

Facilitate information and empower operators’ decision making.